Why Saanich

Why Choose Saanich?

SPD is committed to providing excellent police service for our community, and we can only do that by employing the very best.

If you think you have what it takes please submit your cover letter and resume today.

photo showing a female police officer speaking to two individuals

We are Diverse

The Saanich Police Department is proud to have a membership that reflects the diversity of the community it serves.  Approximately 12 percent of members self-identify as being a part of a visible minority group exceeding the average of 8 percent across Canada[1].  American Sign Language, Arabic, Cantonese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Luganda, Lukonjo,  Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Teso, Ukrainian and Urdu are some of the different languages that are spoken by our members at the Department.  Women make up over one quarter of the Department’s demographic and surpasses the national average by five percent.

Employment Backgrounds Previously Hired

Our members come from a wide variety of employment backgrounds and bring with them unique skill sets. In recent years, Saanich Police have hired people with previous work experience including but not limited to the following employment areas:

We build meaningful relationships

With 185 sworn officers and 60 civilian support staff we all know each other, from constables up to the senior executive team. We value the contribution that each person makes, whether sworn members or our support staff. When you join us you will become an instant member of the SPD family.

Photo of a saanich police officer

We police a great community

We enjoy a strong connection to our community. Our Block Watch program covers 10,700 homes, our School Officers serve 48 schools, and we have 1,125 volunteers serving Saanich through our Reserve Program, Block Watch, Ace Team, and student volunteers. Our community survey results in our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan show a 96% satisfaction rate, which demonstrates that people feel safe in our community.

We offer rewarding opportunities

We are an organization that offers rewarding career opportunities and ongoing development (185 sworn members policing a population of 114,000 residents, dealing with more than 30,000 calls for service each year). We have opportunities in specialty units such as bikes, canine, dive team, schools, forensic identification, street crime, traffic safety, emergency response team and more.

Photo of a saanich police officer

We integrate with all policing partners

We have 17 police officers and 4 civilian staff members working in integrated units at federal, provincial and local levels. There are great opportunities to specialize in a variety of policing roles, dealing with issues such as road safety, homicide investigations, organized crime, mental health response, regional domestic violence, child exploitation and national security.


We support a healthy and productive work-life balance for all of our employees and continue our focus on physical and mental health of staff. We provide training opportunities and mentorship to support competency and career development.

photo of two police officers on a bike
photo showing a female police officer speaking to two individuals

We Value and Embrace Diversity

Supporting diversity increases our ability to deal with the wide range of issues facing Saanich community members. Our staff are valued for their authenticity, perspectives, insight and experiences.

We offer a competitive salary

The starting salary is $83,353.80 and increases to $119,076.85 after 4 years. You will be paid from day one, including the time that you will spend at the Police Academy (JIBC) located in New Westminster for Block I and Block III of your training.

Photo of a Saanich police car

Current Wage Scale as of January 1, 2024

Rank Index Annual Month Hour
Probationary Constable I 70 $83,353.80 $6,946.15 $39.94
Probationary Constable II
/ 4th Class
75 $89,307.64 $7,442.30 $42.79
Constable 3rd Class
(2 years service)
80 $95,261.48 $7,938.46 $45.64
Constable 2nd Class
(3 years service)
90 $107,169.17 $8,930.76 $51.35
Constable 1st Class
(4 years service)
100 $119,076.85 $9,923.07 $57.05
Constable 1st Class
10th Year Qualified
105 $125,030.69 $10,419.22 $59.91
Constable 1st Class
15th Year Qualified
110 $130,984.54 $10,915.38 $62.76
Constable 1st Class
20th Year Qualified
115 $136,938.38 $11,411.53 $65.61
Sergeant 120 $142,892.22 $11,907.69 $68.46
3rd Year Qualified
125 $148,846.06 $12,403.84 $71.32
6th Year Qualified
130 $154,799.91 $12,899.99 $74.17
Staff Sergeant 135 $160,753.75 $13,396.15 $77.02
Staff Sergeant
3rd Year Qualified
140 $166,707.59 $13,892.30 $79.87
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