Recruiting Processs

For a copy of identification or certificate: You can take a picture of the document using a phone and email the photo to yourself in "full size". Download the attachment/file from your email and save it to your computer. Upload it to the appropriate form. Some printers are able to scan and save as a pdf or jpg, either format is fine.


For completed signed forms: Use a printer/scanner to scan the signed form to a PDF. Other method for this is to take a photo of the document and email the picture to yourself to upload.

To Complete fillable signed forms:

Download and install Adobe Acrobat to your computer. You do not need to have an account to fill out the forms. Right click the file and click "Open with Adobe Acrobat DC". To fill out the forms under the tools menu, click "Fill and Sign" then select the left option "Fill and Sign". Fill out the appropriate fields and save the file on your computer. 

How to complete the Polygraph Integrity Questionnaire (PIQ) form and the Recruit Applicant Questionnaire form:

  1. Download the “Polygraph Integrity Questionnaire” form below by clicking “download form”
  2. Ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, if not please use the link above to install the program.
  3. In your downloads folder locate the file called “PIQ.pdf”
  4. Right click on the file and hover over the option “open with” then from the options presented click “Adobe Acrobat DC”
  5. Wait for the form to open in Adobe Acrobat DC
  6. Fill out the form and save to your computer
  7. Submit the filled “PIQ.pdf” along with your application using the form below.
  • As part of our Candidate Information Package, we will require the following documentation:
  • A photocopy of your Birth Certificate, Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident status
  • Original transcripts from the highest level of education completed.
  • Photocopy of valid BC Class 5 Driver's Licence;
  • Valid Standard First Aid Certificate
  • Valid CPR - Level C certificate
  • Audiogram (audiologist office will provide completed form)
  • To view more information about documentation click here

Applicants can register for their POPAT testing throughout the year, via the Registration Tab. These POPAT tests are held collaboratively by the Saanich Police Department and Victoria Police Department.  Alternatively, applicants can provide test results from Redline Conditioning.


 The POPAT is a demanding, anaerobic physical test which must be completed in 4 minutes and 15 seconds (click here for the POPAT Protocol). The POPAT results are valid for 12 months.


To begin your application process with Saanich Police, we do not require a valid POPAT score in advance. The period when we would require your score would be between the successful completion of the ETHOS exam and your Sergeants Interview.


Applicants DO NOT need to an invitation from the Recruiting Section to take this test and can take this test at any time.

Our requirement is that candidates obtain a POPAT score of 4 minutes and 15 seconds or better.

Yes, in most cases; however, the written exam is only transferable if it was taken in British Columbia. Please provide us with the name of the agency and when you wrote the exam and our recruitment team will confirm your results.

ETHOS results are valid for a period of 3 years and can be used with any Municipal Agency in British Columbia that uses ETHOS in their recruiting process.

If unsuccessful after the first attempt, applicants will be invited for a second attempt. If unsuccessful after the second attempt, candidates will be required to wait a period of six months before rewriting. 


At the expense of the Saanich Police Department, applicants who advance to this stage will be contacted to attend a medical facility in Vancouver to ensure they are able to carry out the occupational requirements of a police officer.  You can find out more about the medical testing at ProMedicals.

Ride-alongs are typically only made available to candidates who have reached the Sergeant’s interview stage in the recruitment process.  Arrangements can be made by request of the candidate if they are at this stage in the process.

Photo of a saanich police officer

What to Expect

The intake exam includes spelling, grammar, logic analysis, comprehension, memory, math, and reasoning.  To successfully advance in the selection process, applicants must achieve 70% or greater on the intake exam. 

Applicants can prepare for the ETHOS exam by searching and reviewing study guides that are available on the internet.

Conducted by the Recruiting Sergeant, this interview is based on the information that the applicant has provided, including the application and Polygraph Integrity Questionnaire ("PIQ").  This interview focuses on the following competencies: adaptability, ethical accountability and responsibility, interactive communication, organizational awareness, problem solving, risk management, stress tolerance, teamwork, and written skills.   

This interview is conducted by the Staff Development Inspector, the Recruiting Sergeant, and a third member.  This behavioural-based interview focuses on the life skills, experience and abilities of the applicant. 

Applicants are provided the interview questions 30 minutes in advance to prepare themselves for the interview.

This is a continuation of the Polygraph Integrity Questionnaire. It is administered by a person trained in the use of a polygraph.

This interview is based on the totality of the candidate’s application assembled throughout the stages of the recruitment process and it is conducted by the Chief Constable and a Deputy Chief Constable.

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